NV-MACAR Natural Viagra
What exactly is MACA?
MACA is a root vegetable similar to a radish. It is included in the FAO Food Security Directory. It is a health food with no side effects. Maca is rich in the vitality of 55 high-nutrients, it contain the effect of nourishing human physical body. Those who consumption will feel with energetic, strong spirit and does not feel tired; Maca can promote metabolism, resistance to stress and enhance the human and animal sexuality and fertility. In addition, Maca also eliminate the menopausal disorders, slowing down aging, enhance brain activity, and eliminate the infertility, frigidity, impotence and other symptoms.
  Effectiveness for Men
1. Resistance to fatigue, increase sperm count and their viability;
2. Improve sexual function and enhance the vitality of the sperm;
3. Regulate the endocrine system;
4. Balancing the Male hormone;
5. Regulating adrenal gland, pancreas, testes function;
6. Kidney, impotence;
7. Improve impotence, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction and so on…..
Maca’s Main Ingredient Unique biologically active substances
FEATURES of NV-MACARA : Create the Pinnacle of human Vitality
Benefits for Different Age
Men of age 20   Men of age 30   Men of age 40   Men of age 50
Improve your endurance and
more durable.
  elieve stress and passion.   Improve your abundant energy
and stamina.
  Increase you libido and
enhance physical strength.
International Recognized Expert Testimony
“MACA is a good health food digs out from the traditional experience in recent years. As regulatory role in restore a healthy for the sub-health population. It’s have a good prospects in improvement of sexual function and endocrine.”
“Experiments showed that the miracle effects of MACA on anti-fatigue and reduce stress, at the same time the four categories of Alkaloids isolated from MACA, by regulate acting on the endocrine system and balance of human body function.”
“MACA enhance the reproductive characteristics can be attributed to the existence of “isothiocyanates”. As a enhance libido and fertility health food, MACA has a multifaceted effect on anti-fatigue and prevent anemia. All these are attributed to the ability on control hormone secretion by MACA.”
“MACA has an improve energy and fertility characteristics. The result showed that, regardless short-term use of large doses or long-terms use of a small amount of MACA can be significantly improve the parameters of male sex.”
Recommendation of dosage
“Autologous Balance Hormone” means the gradual process of autologous micro adjustment.”
Daily a small drop after breakfast, or two days a small drop.
**Constitution varies person to person. Use continuously for quick impact.**
** After 3 times dosage : Relieve fatigue, improve sleep quality.
** After 7 times dosage: Ease sub-health condition, improve erectile function.
Drink plenty of water if having a phenomenon fever after use. Stop using if having headache symptoms, consult with your doctor as you might be one of the “three high” people (mean: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood lipids).
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